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Whenever you purchase shoes from us either in person or online, we will include a Lucky "7" Shoe Club Card showing your purchase.

After you have purchased 7 pairs of shoes, you will receive an 8th pair FREE equal to the  average price of the previous 7 pairs.  

Shoe Giveaway Reaches Milestone

Beatrice Cuthbert of Venice, center, is the 2,000th recipient of a free pair of shoes in Dick’s Shoes Lucky Seven Shoe Club.
She is shown with sales associates Dot Gardner, left, and Courtney Jones.

Venice Gondolier - May 2, 2008
By Roger Button, Businews Columnist

Ten years ago Bruce Crisman suggested to his wife, Kathy, that they start a club for frequent buyers at their store, Dick’s Shoes, 219 West Venice Avenue.  The program was launched to encourage customers of their former Rialto store to visit the downtown store.

The Lucky Seven Shoe Club entitles customers to a free pair of shoes when they have purchased seven pairs.  Last month the club reached a special milestone when Beatrice Cuthbert of Venice became the 2,000th customer to redeem her card and receive a free pair of shoes. 

Local and seasonal visitors shopping at Dick’s Shoes can and do have all sales credited to one Lucky Seven card.

“It is definitely an incentive and very popular with customers, particularly the snowbirds,” said Kathy Crisman.

Members do not have to live in Venice, simply have their Lucky Seven card marked each time they make a purchase.

Around the end of the year she realized lots of cards had been redeemed.  Researching she found the total would soon reach 2,000 so she set-up a Lucky Seven Tote Board in the store, changing the redeemed number daily.

“Customers were enthralled and more buyers became members,” said Crisman.

Dick’s Shoes is open seven days a week and late on Fridays.  Lucky Seven Club membership is free.
Purchasing Info

Shoe Size:  Choose your European size or your American size if you don't know it and we'll convert it for you.

Delivery method:
  US Postal Service.  Overseas delivery charges will be more.

Payment & Delivery:  Shoes will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt of your funds.  If payment is made by credit card & phoned in, shoes will be shipped within 24 hours. 

If payment is made by personal check, shoes will be shipped once check has cleared the bank.

Return policy:
  No refunds on sale items; shop exchange or store credit only.  No returns after ten (10) days.

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